Sorry, today’s blogpost is about my private life.

One year ago, in the strangest possible time, this little beast appeared in our life, born in the middle of the first corona-lockdown.

One year. It has been a crazy high-speed ride! Learning to live this new life with her next to us, shooting with her in the baby wrap, trying to combine everything, being a good mother, a good employee, a good photographer, a successful business owner, a good friend and partner, and all the wile growing terribly exhausted by all those sleepless nights, trying not to go crazy in this corona madness and sometimes feeling like I’m failing in all of the above 😉

But one look in those cheerful and trustful eyes,  and it’s impossible to not believe that everything is going to be okay…

Cheers to you, little one! May your life continue to be filled with light, love and joy! <3