Karolina Maruszak - Photography


I put in an image who you and your loved ones are. I grab the moment in my photos. I’m on the hunt for real emotions and try to catch the here and now (in all its glorious imperfections). A bruise on a knee, children’s boots splashing water, teenage sisters giggling when their parents hug ‘n kiss,… In my pictures I try to show the soul of my subject by interfering as little as possible, but by observing and letting the moment unfold itself.

Together we create lovely memories that will live on forever for you and your family through my pictures. If that isn’t magic, I don’t know what else is 🙂

So if you’re looking for a stiff-collared photographer with a professional look in her eyes, commanding you to stand and act exactly where and how she tells you to, then you’ll have to look for someone else. Here it’s all about having fun, about being who you really are. Without a fake smile. And not being too serious :). Even if you’re one of those people stating that they hate the camera and they never look good in a picture. I feel you! 🙂 But I promise it will all be painless, and you’ll be happily surprised by the results.

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