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Terms and conditions
  1. The client is supposed to have read the terms and conditions and declares to agree with them when he books a photoshoot.
  2. a booking can be scheduled through email or telephone/zoom conversation.
  3. a conversation via telephone or zoom can be scheduled by pressing the “shedule now” button on the website.
  4. The photographer reserves the right to change the prices on the website at any given time; however, the client always pays the price which was on the website at the time of booking.
  5. Payment for the photoshoot happens in two parts. The client pays an advance of 250€. The booking is only confirmed when this advance is paid. This advance is not refundable in case of annulation by the client. The remaining amount will be paid when the client receives the final invoice (see below).
  6. The photographer reserves the right to change the time of the photoshoot in consultation with the client. In case of sickness or force majeure on the client’s side the client is asked to inform the photographer ASAP; client and photographer will then look for a new date. A client has the right to reschedule the shoot, but this right is limited to 2 rebookings. After that, the warranty will turn invalid, and must be paid again. No refund on the first warranty will be given by the photographer.
  7. The client undertakes to be present at the set time and place with the agreed number of people. The client undertakes to warn the photographer in case of delay on the day of the photoshoot. Depending on the schedule of the photographer, the shoot can then be shortened or postponed. If the delay is longer than 15 minutes without prior warning, the photographer reserves the right to cancel the shoot without refund.
    The photographer undertakes to use the set time in an optimal way to achieve as many good quality images as possible.
  8. Within a week following the photoshoot, the photographer will make an appointment with the client to pick the client’s favorite pictures. This get-together will take place preferably at the photographer’s or the client’s home (or another location agreed upon by both). During this meeting, the client will decide on which package he wants to buy, as well as any extras. The pictures shown by the photographer during this meeting will still be unedited.
  9. Should the client desire so, a second appointment can be made to check if all the pictures are to the client’s liking, prior to be sent to the print service. If this appointment is not asked for by the client, the edited pictures will be sent directly to the print service.
  10. One revision of the pictures by the client is included in the package. If a second revision is asked by the client, the client will be charged 40 euros per picture.
  11. Within 3 weeks after receipt of payment of the final invoice, the Photographer will send to the client his selection of pictures in digital form, in high resolution .jpg-format, in colour as well as black and white, without watermark. At this time,  prints and albums will also be finished and available. They can then be collected at the photographer’s address or be delivered by mail at extra cost (regular transport costs will apply).
  12. If the client orders a photobook, the photographer decides on the layout. Before the album goes into production, the photographer will send a preliminary design to the client, who has the right to one revision of the whole photobook.
  13. Unless agreed otherwise, photos made by the photographer can be published at all times on the photographer’s website, instagram and facebook page, as well as via other channels used by the photographer to promote her work.
  14. The pictures are considered as an artistic work and as such are subject to copyright. The photos remain intellectual property of the photographer and can not be used commercially (ie. be sold, used for competitions, etc.) without explicit consent of the photographer. The selection and editing of the photos by the photographer are considered as expressions of her artistic vision, hence the photos can not be cropped or edited by anyone else. The use of instagram filters, photo stickers etc. is not allowed. Unselected photos, unedited photos or photos in RAW-format can not be obtained by the client.
  15. Vouchers are only for sale on the website and are valid for 6 months after the date of issue.
    Promo gift vouchers given by the photographer or one of her business partners are only valid to use on one of the 3 main packages.
    Vouchers can not be changed for cash and can not be returned.
  16. The photographer can not be held responsible for material or immaterial damage during the photoshoot.
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